Thursday, September 11, 2014

Don’t Overlook Importance of Marketing SEO

If you run a business, how much time and effort do you invest in marketing? Now how much time and effort do you put towards marketing and search engine optimization (SEO)?
If the answer to one or both questions is little or even none, then you might very well be running a company that is struggling to make ends meet. Among the reasons for this is that very few people are getting an opportunity to see what all your business and specifically website has to offer.

If marketing and SEO have not been seen much or any of an emphasis with your company, turn that around sooner rather than later.

SEO Draws in More Web Traffic

Among the various reasons to have a strong SEO plan in place for your company:
  • SEO helping to push strong content drives more traffic to your site
  • SEO and the proper marketing work hand-in-hand to get your company website more highly ranked on search engines such as Google
  • SEO allows you to hone in on specific keywords and links that are popular in your given industry.
In order to properly team up SEO and marketing, keep the following in mind:
  • Relevant content – If your site doesn’t have much to offer visitors, why then would they come there in the first place? One of the ways to get traffic to your site via SEO is by making sure you have a ranking better blog to offer them. A stellar blog can help drive traffic your way by giving consumers informative posts (both in-house and guest) on your specific industry. Relevant content also ups your ranking on search engines, while mediocre and/or outdated content will lower it;
  • Promote content – Just having quality content on your site is not enough; market it to gain the most exposure. One of the best ways to go about doing this is using social media. SM is a great marketing tool that allows you to put your site in front of countless eyes. While you do not necessarily have to have new content on the site seven days a week, don’t just do a post here and there either. At the least, new content should be posted to your site and promoted every other day. Make sure you have your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other relevant SM icons in an easy to locate position so readers can share the content;
  • Key in on keywords – Lastly, while your content should never be written from the stand point of being viewed as spam, you should focus in on relevant keywords that will strike a response. Using a Google analytics report, you can zero in on which keywords are directing your traffic. By knowing just how and when consumers go in search of products and services, you can market your campaigns to reach them sooner rather than later.
 If your efforts up to now have been lackluster or even futile when it comes to SEO and marketing, finish out 2014 strong, and then kick off 2015 with the goal of turning your company and your brand into an SEO marketing machine.

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